Why A Recruitment Process Is The Most Important Business Strategy?

The foundation of your business triumphs with a crucial element – your team. Securing and retaining the right staff is the cornerstone that can either make or break your business. The recruitment process transcends simply filling a role; it’s about discovering individuals who will bring a positive influence to your operations, team dynamics, and your company in its entirety. They may only play a small part, but they will help the wheels keep turning. With this in mind, find out why recruitment is the most important business strategy below.

Recruitment is a process of searching, attracting, interviewing, selecting, hiring, and onboarding the right candidate to fill a role. Some companies choose to go it alone, others choose to hire an external recruitment company to recruit for them. But both instances require the right process, the slightest little misstep could result in losing the perfect candidate for the role. So let’s look at how Oliver Rae can help you with this process when they become your ultimate recruitment partner!

Strong, Enticing Job Descriptions

When you’re looking to fill a role, you have to be specific with what you are looking for, highlight the skill set and experience you want your potential hire to have, and the pay rate you’re willing to provide. You can discuss all the requirements with your recruitment consultant and then they will work their magic on an enticing job description that clearly describes the role and who you as a company are looking for, making sure that the right people apply.

You may not think a job description will hinder your recruiting, but you will be surprised at how much of an impact this small aspect of recruiting has!

Increasing Time In Your Day

So, you’ve got a boatload of CVs to go through, you’ll need to vet each one, pick out the potentials and start the interview process. This takes time. Time you might not necessarily have! By having a recruitment partner like Oliver Rae, we do the hard work for you! We will only forward you CVs that we know will fit the bill! Can we hear that sigh of relief?

Did We Mention, We Save You Money Too?

Yes, recruitment agencies have fees, but if you find the right one to partner with, they will be worth their weight in gold! You can read more about that here. Oliver Rae can help you find the right candidates that have the right skill set and amount of experience you’re looking for, cause let’s face it, if you hire the wrong candidate, train them up, only for them to not be a suitable fit, or they leave because it’s not for them, you’re right back at square one, and this can happen a few times before you find the perfect person. Our recruitment process results in sourcing our candidates that make them the right fit for your roles, meaning you will see an increased success rate and retention rate! Which leads us onto our next point…

Increased Employee Retention

With our recruitment process, you’ll notice reduced chances of employees leaving your company to go somewhere else, we put so much time and effort into creating a strong trusting relationship with our candidates and making them feel like part of the team, and we never leave them in the lurch. Having a high staff turnover can negatively impact your business which is why we do our utmost to provide a top-notch service to you as our client, and to our candidates. We get so involved with our clients, with regular visits, phone calls and emails, your wins are our wins!

If you want to improve your recruitment strategy, increase your staff retention, and get top-tier talent, get in touch with us! We would love to spend time getting to know you and your company so that we can show you our A game! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start now shall we?

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