What is holding you back in recruiting for your roles?

5 things that hold you back in recruiting for your roles.

  1. Candidate experience is lacking.
  2. Recruitment process is too lengthy.
  3. Salary and package are not competitive enough for the location you are in.
  4. Non-existent market research.
  5. Reviews on google, glass door, indeed, etc.

Why are these things so important?

In 2023 the market is competitive. You need to stand out! Partnering with the right recruitment agency will enable you to hire top talent.

Oliver Rae engages with candidates throughout the whole process to give feedback or updates, check in with them, and build relationships to ensure you don’t miss out on your future hires. As a hiring manager, this can be extremely difficult to do when you have a million and one other things to do.  

Highly skilled candidates are hard to come by and are usually already employed. Faster decision-making not only attracts the best, but it also reduces the risk of counter offers as there isn’t much time between being offered a job and handing a notice in. We will always ask the question “How quickly do you want to move on this”. It is essential to know prior, how quick of a decision-maker you really are. The process needs to be a maximum of two interviews and a decision made promptly.

“It just doesn’t look that attractive”. A bitter pill to swallow but what differentiates you from the rest? Oliver Rae is constantly staying up to date with what your competitors are doing.

This could be:

  • A Higher starting pay rate.
  • Progression plans.
  • Company benefits.
  • Working hours.
  • Flexible working.

Do you have the time to find out what all your competitors are paying? What packages do they offer? Whether they work 4 days or 5? More than likely not if you are working in Operations, Production, HR, and General Management.

Do you want to improve the quality of your hires, reduce the risk of counter offers and save yourself time and effort? Make the changes now and get in touch with Oliver Rae or keep missing out.