Stand Out With Your CV With These 6 Tips

stand out with your cv

As recruiters, we understand the importance of thoroughly evaluating a candidate’s CV to find the perfect fit for every role we have. We receive hundreds of applications per job role, and receiving CV’s that are clear and concise allows us to find the information we need to be able to make informed decisions about the candidates suitability. Some key aspects of what we look for in a candidates CV and how they contribute to our selection process are below that can help you stand out with your CV.

Roles & Responsibilities

A candidate’s CV should clearly outline their previous roles and the responsibilities they held. We seek candidates who can articulate their contributions and demonstrate how their experience aligns with the position they are currently applying for. This helps us gauge their level of expertise and suitability for the role. It’s important that the job roles and responsibilities you include in your CV are relevant, or a direct match for the job you’re applying for.


Experience is a crucial factor in assessing a candidate’s readiness for a role. We look for candidates with relevant experience in the industry or field, preferably in similar positions. A comprehensive overview of their professional journey allows us to assess their career progression, depth of knowledge, and practical skills.


Technical and soft skills play a pivotal role in determining a candidate’s potential to excel in a role. We pay close attention to the skills section of a CV to identify competencies such as communication, leadership, technical proficiency, problem-solving, and industry-specific skills. Candidates with a diverse skill set that aligns with the job requirements and compliments their experience are highly valued.


Educational qualifications serve as a foundation of knowledge and expertise. While experience and skills are paramount, a strong educational background adds credibility to a candidate’s profile. We look for candidates who have relevant degrees, certifications, or training that complement their professional experience and demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning.

Easy to Read

A well-structured and organised CV is essential for easy readability. We appreciate CV’s that are clear, concise, and logically formatted. A clutter-free layout with distinct sections for each aspect (e.g., work experience, skills, education) enhances the overall readability and makes it easier for us to extract relevant information.

No Inconsistencies

Consistency and accuracy are crucial in a CV. We meticulously review for any inconsistencies in dates, job titles, or other details. A CV free from inconsistencies reflects attention to detail and professionalism, qualities that are highly valued in potential candidates.

By reviewing these aspects in a candidate’s CV, we strive to identify individuals who not only meet the requirements of a role but also possess the right blend of experience, skills, and accomplishments to thrive in their next role. A well-crafted CV that addresses these criteria increases a candidate’s chances of standing out and progressing through our selection process. Stand out with your CV today!

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