How to Avoid Becoming A Work Zombie

A work zombie sitting at the computer

We all know there is no cure or antidote for zombification. If there’s anything to learn from The Walking Dead, it is: to never go anywhere alone, always have a plan, and run like hell! Avoiding becoming part of the working dead has similar action points! We all know that your work life can at times, become monotonous, and dull, doing the same things day in, and day out. Which leaves us feeling deflated, exhausted, and ultimately, turning into a work zombie. We’re going to give you a few tips that can help you find ways to avoid becoming a work zombie. 

How to avoid becoming a work zombie.

Keep Learning! 

Nothing separates you from a work zombie like learning something new. Learning a new process or new skill will keep you engaged at work and set you apart from the workforce who may already be a member of the working dead. Although your brain might be more susceptible to your zombie colleagues, your productivity, and your initiative to improve and better yourself will put you in good stead for a positive and engaged working life. But beware, work zombies are more active as the work day gets closer to ending and the nights close in so keep your wits about you!

Look After Yourself!

When you’re fighting the same battles as your zombie colleagues, it’s important to look after yourself. Zombies may have cravings for blood and brains but that won’t give them the energy to productively tackle each working day. Good brain foods however are ideal for boosting your energy, productivity, and mood to help you get through the day unscathed. Add that with plenty of rest after a long day and you’ll be prepared for tomorrow’s battle. 

Have A Plan! 

It’s always good to have a plan. Whether it’s as big as where you want to go in your career, or simply what you’re going to get done in the day or week. It gives you something to strive for. It allows you to prioritize what needs your immediate attention, and hopefully, you won’t run into any zombie herds to change your direction. 

When All Else Fails… 

Life is too short, over the past few years since the COVID pandemic the work environment has changed, businesses are more open to changes to boost their employee work-life balance. Employees have made their health and that of their families more of a priority, aiming for more flexibility at work. If you’re teetering on the edge of joining the zombie fray due to monotony, boredom, or lack of job satisfaction the last option to avoid becoming a work zombie might be to move on to something new to inject some life into yourself. However, before you take this step, try seeing if there are improvements you could take to management and see if they’re willing to take your suggestions on board and are open to change to avoid losing you.  

If you’re not careful, the work zombie life can creep up on you! Complacency can creep in, and the days where you challenged yourself become hollow, and the zombie life will begin to consume you. You may not notice until it’s too late! So here are some bonus tips to avoid joining the working dead.

  • Stay positive. This will help you avoid infection to the beginnings of the zombie life. 
  • Keep Moving. Never stand/sit still, mentally or physically for too long! Take a break from your computer, get your steps in, and keep yourself busy to stay engaged. This will help to get that blood pumping and be a proactive member of the team.