A Child's Heart

In this country there are hundreds of children that wake up on Christmas day with no presents. These children are in Care Homes, Safe Havens, Refuges, and other vulnerable situations. 

Some of these children have lost parents, siblings or all loved ones that they have ever known. Some have been moved in the middle of the night with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. 

But all of them are in these situations through no fault of their own. Some of these children feel lost, isolated, scared, vulnerable, and a sense that no one cares. 

At A Child’s Heart, we want so much to change this situation.

We realise we are not able to change their lives. But if just for 1 day we can bring a smile and an amount of joy to their lives then we aim to do so. We hold fundraising events through the year and encourage anyone that would like to get involved to please come along. 

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How Does It Work?

At Christmas, children are asked what they would like from Santa, it’s heart breaking that some
children don’t even know who that is, or they feel they have been too naughty and that’s why he has never visited them. 

The children will mention 1 or 2 things that they would like, again sometimes these things are socks, or teddy bears, or toiletries.
Things most of us would expect children to already have. 

We never just buy the children their request, we aim to put lots in their Christmas bags, and it really warms your heart
to imagine their faces and smiles on Christmas Day when they get to open them. 

Where Do You Come In?

We have a list of presents that children in different age ranges have requested and we need your help!

Donate a gift or toy, from a list we can provide, up to the value of £20 suitable for a child from Birth to 18 Years Old.
All gifts must be brand new please.

All donations can either be delivered to our office at:

Oliver Rae Ltd, Middlemore Lane, Aldridge,
Walsall WS9 8SP

Or we can arrange to collect your donation. 

Enter the form below to receive our age range Christmas lists for you to choose a gift from.