Benefits of using a recruitment agency

recruiter meeting with a potential employer for benefits of using a recruitment agency

As an employer looking to recruit new staff, you may decide to go it alone. Advertise your roles yourself, and sort through all the CVs that come to your email. You may not want to hire a recruitment agency due to bad reputations, high costs, or recruiters that flood you with CVS for recommendations without checking the candidate’s experience or qualifications for the available role. Yes, recruitment agencies have gained a reputation for filling spots and getting the commission over actually caring about your business and the candidates they place. However, there are some gems out there. We’re going to help you see a few of the benefits of using a recruitment agency that will put you, your business, its needs, and also the candidates first.

Benefits of using a recruitment agency

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Higher Quality Candidates
  • Time

Industry Knowledge

The first thing you want your recruitment agency to know is your industry. The right recruitment agency is immersed in the industries they consult for. They understand the current industry trends, the positions that go along with your industry, and the in-demand skills needed. Knowing the industry inside and out, recruiters are in a stronger position to be able to source just the right candidates you need. Finding the perfect match between employers and job seekers based on values and expectations creates a seamless onboarding process and relationships formed between you, the employer, and your employees are more productive.

Higher Quality Candidates

The hidden gem recruitment agencies have spent years building relationships with talent in their network. As well as building and maintaining relationships with a multitude of employers in a wide range of industries. They get to know your business as if it were their own. They understand the capabilities, availability, rate, and personality and are able to make the right recommendations for the right placements.
Rather than starting from scratch for every role you need to fill, using a recruitment agency can allow your hiring managers to take advantage of the pool of talent the agency has nurtured. Hiring managers can also reach out to their dedicated recruitment consultant for a shortlist of candidates that match the requirements of the role. And this leads us to our next point.


We know you’re busy, you don’t have the time to sift through the mountain of applications to find ‘the one’. The recruiters can do that for you. Ensuring they find the right person for the job, that has the right amount of experience and skill level you need. With their talent pool of candidates, they’re sure to already have the person you need ready and waiting.

Finding a high-quality recruitment agency

Now that we’ve gone through a few of the benefits of using a recruitment agency, we’ve also put together some tips on how you can find the right high-quality recruitment agency.

Recommendations or testimonials

We know how much a good recommendation or testimonial from another business in the same industry can help. It boosts your confidence that you’re going to be getting the right service.
At Oliver Rae, we have a wealth of employer and candidate testimonials in many different industries and job roles. We pride ourselves in being open and honest with both our clients and job seekers and have built lasting relationships. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our testimonials.

Sectors and positions

There’s no point working with a recruitment agency because they do a good pitch, but don’t cover your industry. Take a look at their sectors, the positions they fill, and how they recruit for their roles.
Oliver Rae covers but is not limited to industrial, manufacturing, engineering, food production, commercial, removals, and managed service industries. By using advertising and specialising in headhunting for specific high-end/ high-skilled roles, we are the ninjas of candidate sourcing.

Organise a meeting

You don’t want to sign anything without a face-to-face meeting right? Organising a meeting with the consultant that would potentially be your recruitment consultant sourcing your candidates, will help you understand the process. And help them understand your business and your needs.
Oliver Rae always visits your premises to get to know you, your business, its needs, and skill levels. In our meetings with you, we cover our process from start to finish and ensure that your needs and requirements are met. You will be appointed a dedicated recruitment consultant who will be available to you to contact 24/7. But we don’t stop there. We pay regular visits to your premises to accommodate any onboarding you require, any problems, and to generally catch up with you and the candidates placed with you to see how you’re all getting on. If you’d like to get in touch with us, you can request a callback.

Up-to-date with compliance

With any candidates you’re thinking of hiring, you need to ensure they are legally eligible to work in the UK. By checking your recruitment agency is up-to-date with the compliance in the acceptable, legal, and ethical practices, you’re ensuring your business is covered and so are the candidates.
At Oliver Rae, we do our utmost to prevent the exploitation of the workforce within business. We protect our workers both temporary and permanent, and commit to achieving high standards in the UK Labour Provision. We are always on top of any legal and ethical updates that are included in our industry. You can take a look at our policies and our compliance memberships that we are proud to be a part of. Ensuring our candidates and employers are protected.