10 things to do to not give up the job search

don't give up on your job search

We all know that job hunting can be stressful. Whether you’re currently working and looking for something new, if you’re in between jobs, or have been out of work for a while and need to get back on the job ladder. It can be disheartening when you’re applying for jobs and don’t hear back or have the same generic message ‘If you don’t hear from us over the next 14 days, then you have not been successful this time, and wish you the best in your job search’. And all that is before you get to the interview stage!

When you do get through to interviews and you’re still unsuccessful, it can make you question your skills and experience, it can hinder your confidence, and make you question why you’re bothering in the first place. But, don’t give up! We have put together 10 things to do to not give up the job search that may help you feel more positive and encourage you to keep going. 

10 things to do to not give up the job search


Many jobs have a list of experience, skills, and in some cases, on-the-job training that’s required. This allows you to gauge whether you’re suitable for a particular role. If you tick all the boxes, great! Go for it! 

If however, you’re missing a few of the skills required, think about using some of your time upskilling. Whether you need to learn new software or a process, there may be a few online courses you can look into. If it’s experience you’re lacking, maybe look for a temporary role that can provide you with that experience. 

Some roles provide on-the-job training, which is incredibly beneficial as you’ll learn the process and the role, and you’ll be able to show your employers your willingness to learn. Even at the interview stage if you’re missing a skill, show your interviewers that you’re open to learning and putting in that extra work to get to where you want to be for the role. They will appreciate your efforts and might be willing to meet you halfway by providing the right training you need to succeed! 

Take a short break

If you’re sifting through job boards day in, and day out, for hours on end you’re bound to get disheartened, run-down, stressed, I could go on. When you’re looking for the right job, there are a lot of things for you to consider; how long you’re going to be spending traveling to and from work, what hours you’ll be working, what your salary is, and does that cover your travel and all your bills, is the role open to hybrid or remote working if that’s something you’re looking for. 

The waiting to hear back from a role can be a long one, or you may not hear back at all, but if you finally do and are unsuccessful, it feels like a kick in the gut. 

By allowing yourself to take a short break from the job hunt, whether that be a few days, a week, or even two, you’re not only allowing the job boards to provide you with some new roles, but you’re also giving yourself the time to relax and get in a more positive mindset to try again. We understand that you have bills, rent, or mortgage to pay, but job hunting 24/7 isn’t going to benefit you either. Give yourself time to breathe.

Give your CV and Cover Letters a spruce up

Keeping your CV up-to-date and relevant to the job roles you’re applying for is paramount. If you have any skills or experience you haven’t added yet, be sure to get those added to your CV before you do any more applying. You might be applying for the role knowing you have those skills but if they’re not on your CV how is the employer or recruiter going to know? You could be missing out on job roles for not having those skills and experiences included.

Your cover letter, if needed to assist with your application, needs to be relevant to the role you’re applying for. Don’t use the same cover letter for every job! Maybe the skills required are different, or maybe they want to know more about your job history experiences, whatever the case, make sure you have a cover letter that highlights what you can do for that role. 

Improve your interview skills and build your confidence

This is where you can rope in some help! Job hunting doesn’t have to be something you do alone. Your family and friends want you to succeed, but they also want you to be happy and therefore will help you if asked. 

When you reach the interview stage of your application, do you get anxious? Do you forget to say things you should have said? Does your mind go blank at the interview questions? If you’re nodding to those questions, get a family member, friend, or partner to help you practice with a mock interview. Get them to ask you interview questions you think you’ll get asked, and practice your answers, your delivery, and build your confidence. Highlight parts of your CV you want to mention, the skills you want to include, and reasons why you left previous employment roles that you think will get questioned. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be, and the better chance of acing your next interview!

Figuring out the why

Why is it you’re looking for a new job in the first place? Are your skills being underutilized? Has the work become mundane and you’re looking for new challenges? Are you looking for a better work/life balance? Has the company culture changed that doesn’t reflect who you are? Whatever the reason is, you then need to ask yourself, why is landing a better job more important? How will landing this new role impact you and your life? 

Figure out the why, to get a better understanding of what you’re looking for in your next role, so you’re not just applying for anything and everything you see.  

It’s not all you

So, you’ve got the experience, you’ve got the skills, you’ve got the qualifications, you’ve had the interview that you think went well. Yet you’re still unsuccessful. Finding the right role can take time. The job market is competitive, and with the cost of living crisis going on right now, not only is the job market getting more difficult for job seekers, but companies are also feeling the pinch. 

You may be qualified for the role, or you may even be overqualified for the role, but maybe you don’t fit into the company culture. There may have been someone else who had a better interview. Maybe the company changed its direction and promoted from within. Whatever the reason or situation, it’s not all you.

Use your network 

Spread the word that you’re on the job hunt! Whether your friends or family can help by letting others know, or simply for encouragement using your network can be a big help. Acquaintances that you’ve had the pleasure of knowing at some point in your life whether through work or education can also be a good avenue to utilise. Whether they can help you to get your name out there to the right people, or simply give you advice, answer questions you might have, or provide company information so you can send your CV through, you never know where it could lead. 

Organise your job search 

To make job searching more manageable and give yourself some structure. Make a schedule that you will stick to when it comes to your job search. Break your time up. Here’s how you can: 

  • Allocate a few hours a day for your job search. 
  • Spend an hour networking 
  • Update your CV, your cover letter, learn a new skill, or advance on your current skills. 
  • Change where you’re searching for jobs. Some job boards are more catered to specific industries. Depending on your ideal roles industry some job boards may be more beneficial than others. 
  • Check out social media. More jobs are being found on social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook. 

You don’t have to be job hunting all hours of the day and night to feel like you’ve had a productive day, by giving yourself a schedule to stick to you won’t get burnt out or feel like giving up. 

Consider part-time or temporary work 

If you’re really stressing about work with your bills piling up consider looking for a part-time or temporary role that can help bridge the gap whilst you look for a more permanent solution. It’s a good way to gain extra experience, learn new skills, network, and also get paid whilst you’re still job searching for your ideal role! 

Register with an agency that covers your industry type 

If you’re not getting much luck on your own, registering with a recruitment agency can open more doors for you. They will get to know you, what you’re looking for in your next role, and how they can help you get your ideal job. Find a recruitment agency that specialises in your ideal sector to help grow your chances. 

At Oliver Rae, we care about our job seekers and want to do right by them and our clients. With us you’re not just a number to fill, you’re part of our community and we love what we do. We can help you find your ideal role, it may be an hour from now, a day, a week, or two but we will do our utmost to find the right role for you. We hope these 10 things to do to not give up the job search gives you the encouragement you need to keep going and not give up. 

Give us a call or drop us an email if you would like to register with us and see how we can help you find your ideal role, we have temporary or permanent roles available for any situation listed above.